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About Us

FRA-K-TURE.If something hard Fra(k)tures, it cracks or breaks


Frakture was founded in 2020, by Jack Banks when he was 21, in Donegal, Ireland. The idea behind Frakture was to create an authentic fight brand while paying tribute to its Irish heritage. And so Frakture
was born.

Since then, Frakture has moved on to be worn by fighters, both amature and professional. Top promotions such as Clan Wars to Bellator.

Our Values

Do the fucking work.

The only way to get things done is to put in the work. And only you, are the one to do that.

Success takes time.

The idea of an overnight success is a
fairytale. If you want to be successful in whatever you want in life, its going
to take time and you’ve got to put in the hours.


To evolve is to develop gradually. It would only make sense to embrace this value with a brand that is in a continued search for greatness

Our Vision

Frakture’s vision is to cater to all
people, going through whatever battle they encounter and most importantly, make
sure they win whatever battle that may be.

Frakture isn’t here to just change the
game, we’re here to own the game. So, are you ready to own it?